Top 5 Adidas Predator 18 FG Football Boots Review

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Top 5 Adidas Predator 18 FG Football Boots Review


As one of the most famous shoe models in adidas´s football shoe history, the Predator falcon name is hugely popular in both football and football.After all the hype about reproducing the limited edition, and the hype about David Beckham himself, the Predator 18 is here!We're here with the flagship Predator 18 shoe.
After assembling adidas's current top technology and the Predator falcon mentality, you have to wonder, Predator 18 is different!


Adidas Predator 18 FG Brown


Thanks to the current technology of modern football shoes bonuses and lay the basis of the ACE series, Predator 18 continue to use the ACE 17 high Predator help shape, but the difference is that a Predator 18 fabric shoes has a first slope, after suppression has a slope of the collar design, the appearance of the whole shoe is nifty and lively, also stand out in the high for the football boots.

Two years behind the scenes and back again, Predator 18´s ambitions must be more than that, and its overall appearance suggests it's holding back.

Shoes Head:

Take a look at you more focus on the top of the shoe volume, 18 shoes head become warped radians belongs to the normal level of the Predator, the toe cap is not very full, some relatively flat, may be for those who become warped on toes too less friendly.


Adidas Predator 18 FG Black

Shoe Upper:

The increasingly sophisticated Primeknit technology is now adidas´s most important fabric, with its diverse nature allowing the ControlSkin technology to blend with the Predator falcon´s trademark friction stripes.
Although the appearance of sharp edges and corners gives a person a very blunt feeling, but the specific feel of the hand is really ideal.
Pressing the vamp with your hand can clearly feel the softness and elasticity of the entire vamp.
The pattern in the dorsal area of the inner foot is still very obvious, so it must be able to control the ball very well.

Shoe Body:

On the outside of the shoe body, the white bar is still a hot adhesive PU bar with stripes, which not only plays the role of brand promotion, but also plays the role of supporting the shoe surface.


Adidas Predator 18 FG Red Gold

Shoes Collar:

Primeknit Sockfit Collar, made of Primeknit fabric, reverses the previous design this time. The front and back of the Collar are no longer the same horizontal height, but the front and back of the Collar are lower and higher.
The word Predator can also be seen on a hot-bonding PU bar in the middle of the heel.

Shoes Lining:

The falcon´s outer protective cup is very low, and in order to enhance the protection of the heel, its inner lining not only USES the material of imitation suede, but also adds a very thick sponge interlining.
It seems that this heel design does not have the potential for foot grinding, but also depends on your actual feedback.


Adidas Predator 18 FG Black White

Shoes Sole:

Predator 18 uses a new design called Controlframe bottom, which combines lightweight nylon with a very lightweight, flexible feel.

The shoe nail is equipped with irregular polygonal cylindrical nail, which gives the impression of Nitrocharge.

The other thing to remind you about is that Predator 18´s front palm has a Boost built into it.Horizontal and zigzag lines can be seen on the front shoe nail surface to enhance the grip of the nail.

The gold support frame in the middle mainly provides the torsion resistance of the exterior bottom in high speed running.

The heel is a traditional four-shoe nail design.

From the measured shoe nail height, this type FG is undoubtedly only applicable to natural grass and top grade grass.



Adidas also introduced new Forged Knit technology in Predator 18, which makes the Predator falcon´s trademark friction strap more and more delicate and tight.


Adidas Predator 18 FG Blue



•After a brief encounter with the returning Predator 18, it changed the conventional image of the old days, and it´s fair to say that the new falcon completely upended my understanding of the falcon.
•First appearance, and without the Laces and fabrics collar, let it continue to use the modern football shoes modelling, the most popular high help boots Primeknit fabric friction material to make it to two or morethings falcon trademark design appear soft and comfortable, while the falcon is ever failed to do.
•Also, it keeps up with The Times by adding Boost, ControlSkin and other very modern configurations.
The luxury packaging of the limited-edition sneakers also exceeded our expectations.

From a static standpoint alone, Predator 18 does inspire us to buy.

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