Nike Magista Obra II FG Football Shoes Static Appreciation

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Nike Magista Obra II FG Football Shoes Static Appreciation


Regarding the story of Magista, we don't really need to describe too much. Two years ago, the birth of the traditional football shoes was completely subverted. The Brazil World Cup finals won honor and praise for it. Today's second-generation Magista, with its new technology, once again shocks our understanding of sneakers. Everyone knows that this is another time Nike has shown their innovative technology on football shoes in front of the public. In order to make the second generation of Magista become "more sensational", Nike will not hesitate to hide it in the previous dark series of publicity photos, which will not only hang the appetite of everyone, but also improve the performance of the shoes. Innovative genes.

Nike Magista Obra II FG - Nike Magista Obra II ACC FG Sock Football Boots - Orange

The upper is the biggest improvement in this Magista Obra II, but the material combination has not changed. It is still a combination of Nike's Flykint knit material and hot melt film overlay.


In other words, in the past, Nike needed to add coating and friction particles on the upper to ensure the ball control, but this time Flykint's special control of the material texture gave the vamp a three-dimensional concave property. The highest bulge on the upper is located at the most important contact point and has a height of 4.5mm. In order to eliminate the comfort of the uneven upper, the Magista Obra II's upper lining adds a thin layer of cushioning sponge, but this may affect the breathability of the hot summer shoes themselves.

Nike Magista Obra II FG - Nike Magista Obra II Barcelona FG Sock Football Boots

In addition to the heat-sensitive pattern also has its own convex and concave properties, we found that the Magista Obra II has a structure similar to the Flywire flying line on both sides of the upper. In fact, this Nike called the Grip sock, its main function and flying line. The same, to strengthen the stability of the shoes, and is an important part of the overall traction system of the sneakers.


As a pair of Nike's top super shoes, ACC is naturally an essential standard technology.


The dynamic high-top collar made by Flykint has completely changed the appearance of traditional low-top sneakers, but the style of the dynamic collar in the Magista Obra II has also been adjusted. It becomes more in line with the shape of the ankle of the human body, and the fit is also better. However, the arc-shaped design is slightly lacking in appearance, and it is not as smooth and refreshing as the previous one.

Nike Magista Obra II FG - Nike Magista Obra II FG Sock Football Boots

The new collar is designed to enhance the comfort of the shinbone, while also using a thicker knit structure to provide extra wrapping and protection for the ankle. The knit material on the ankles at both sides clearly feels thickened. The heel protection cup is built in this time, the hardness is quite ideal, and the protection is no problem. Another small detail is that the height of the heel of the Magista Obra II's Achilles tendon is reduced, which is also considered for better comfort.


Although the generation of Magista's outsole performance is very good, the actual word of mouth is basically good, but Nike is still painstaking in the design of this sole. However, as far as I can see, the Magista Obra II's forefoot is a bit of a return to CTR360, and the combination of the rounded studs brings people back to that era. Nike uses the "Finite Element Analysis" finite element analysis method similar to the Superfly V in the outsole design of the Magista Obra II football shoes. The conical studs are all opened with an irregular gap, which is quite advantageous in terms of flexibility.

Nike Magista Obra II FG - Nike Magista Obra II FG Sock Football Boots - Black

The thin knit fabric covered on the front of the insole contributes little to the slip resistance and can be used with the socks. The knit material has good ductility, and the small wide feet and the feet that are not very slaughtered can also be tried.


The details of a pair of sneakers on the insole can usually be added to it. The forefoot and heel on the back of the insole have blue PORON damping material.

Nike Magista Obra II FG - Nike Magista Obra II FG Sock Football Boot

to sum up:


       The long-awaited second-generation Magista, although I know that some people still have difficulty accepting its appearance, but from his technological advancement and dynamic shoe-leading improvements, it can be seen that Nike is doing a lot of work. . And from the feedback of the original Magista, there is not much damage in it. Whether it is performance or outsole feedback is very good, so our Magista Obra II is a great shoe.

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