Nike Premier II FG Bolg All You Want To Know Is Here

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All You Want To Know About Nike Premier II FG Is Here


Mention football shoes of style restoring ancient ways, the first thing you think about is to have - and the same appearance, can't escape out of black, white, brown this the main color of a few kinds of color, and leather upper material must not be absent.But there's also a pair of retro football shoes that will refresh your understanding of the sport: the Nike Premier II.Let's enjoy the retro look of this pair together, but also have hot color matching retro football shoes.


Since its introduction, Nike Premier football shoes have been favored by many sneaker players for their retro low-key color and appearance, as well as their natural leather upper.As on the evolution of the generation of version, Nike Premier II not only still the continuation of the appearance of restoring ancient ways, but also joined from Tiempo Legend II can be folding tongue this classic elements, and the vamp after huge Nike Swoosh and keep up with the word "Nike" from a new visual experience.In addition to adding classic elements, Nike Premier II has also changed a lot with the previous generation of products in terms of color matching.In addition to continuing to offer a low-key look, the bold, hot red and white look is also the first to appear on this vintage combat boot, making you more different on the court.

Nike Premier II 2.0 FG Football Boots University Red/White


Want to have the "old boot" that kind of feeling, in addition to the appearance should be enough to restore ancient ways, vamp obviously cannot adopt the popular fabric and ultra fine materials, only genuine leather material can meet the requirements of you to touch the ball and comfort.The new Nike Premier II football shoe still USES kangaroo leather to make the vamp, providing a comfortable wearing experience for both feet and a real touch of the ball.The unique and simple style of the vamp line not only restored the original look of this retro football shoe, but also inhibited the extension of the real leather shoes while providing greater contact area.
Nike Swoosh, which has heels and covers most of the shoe's body, USES synthetic ultrafine materials to improve the upper support.
Of course, the most noticeable part of the vamp is the collapsible tongue from Tiempo Legend II.But to be honest, the tongue design is still a bit redundant for Nike Premier II, as opposed to the previous generation's short tongue design.



With the change of different shoes, sole is still the continuation of the previous generation products of portable sturdy nylon soles, let the war boots in restoring ancient ways with retro look and touch experience at the same time, can also follows the modern football shoes lightweight fashion, to bring you to restore ancient ways with modern with actual combat experience.Besides actual combat effect is first-rate outside, big bottom also used the red and white match color with vamp consistent on match color, red shoe nail appears particularly conspicuous in white big bottom foil.

Nike Premier II 2.0 FG Football Boots University Red/White



The Nike Premier II, with its retro look, also seems to have a youthful feel after switching to a hot red-and-white color.Even without this hot color palette, you can get excited just by the retro look, the kangaroo leather upper, with its fascinating texture and touch ball, and the lightweight nylon outsole that matches the modern trend.

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