Best Nike Magista Opus II FG Football Boots Review For You

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Nike Magista Opus II FG Review For You


The Nike Magista Opus II has been criticised since it was released because of the strange little dots on the vamp that have made it unacceptable for many players who like the Magista I to wear the high-top version.That's obviously not a good thing for Nike, because every shoe has its own meaning and value, and no one wears it, not even the endorser.In fact, Nike's design is not without theoretical basis, low Magista II for the chosen Kangalite material, but some slightly thicker than the previous generation, it will make shoes better keep the shoes and provide players with compact in feeling, but some corresponding lose touch.
So Nike shoe design mang a round hole, and let the adherent inner hollow dots on the fabric material directly through Kangalite bulge on the shoes, so that the players at the time of the ball, you can skip the instep reaction brought by dots directly, also pretty reasonable sound?

Nike Magista Opus II  fg football boots balck

Through low Magista II help version of the friend should have feelings, when for the first time to wear very, very tight, feeling even more than the Mercurial XI, Nike design is so hope Kangalite synthetic material can provide package, then the player can better induction in receiving the ball.
Kangalite you already know, the artificial material with a kangaroo skin tactility and flexibility, finalize the design is very good is not easy to extend, in recent years has become one of the important material of Nike football shoes, although the old players still like a kangaroo skin natural real touch, but young players prefer a strong artificial material.


When you're wearing Magista II low help over a period of time after warming up, you'll find shoes become comfortable, it is your feet to adapt to the shoes, but the shoes after movement "hot", also began to suitable for your feet, so trying new shoes, you must have enough patience.
Want to test the small idea of the vamp, must pass through pass, stop, take, shoot link.Nike Magista Opus II

Nike Magista Opus II FG Football Boots black

Whether it's long or short, stop or touch the ball, no matter how hard you try, the design of these dots gives you more of a friction-assist feel.
It is possible that the hollow design of the dot does not provide enough pressure to touch the ball. The Magista II upper reaches the foot directly from the vamp of the peak valley fabric.


These dots are more like the friction strips Nike makes on the vamp, just like the CTR360 before, and they really look the same when you wear them.
Of course, that's clearly not what Nike designed it for, and it's probably the direct reason why they did it.Nike Magista Opus II


New Magista II  low version has a good package and stability, Kangalite material when the ball and the ball showed excellent flexibility, with the help of the vamp dot also increased a lot of friction, more help and midfield players grip the ball control type. Magista Opus II is a good choice of a pair of midfield magician, still in the short, long and has no fault in the process of the ball, tennis shoes, dressed in a parcel feels dye-in-the-wood, excellent stability, 200 grams of weight will not be noticed by the players, so the players wear this pair of shoes or many, eriksson is wearing Magista II low help performance is one of the best players.

Nike Magista Opus II FG Football Boots black

The following features belong to Magista Opus II:
1. Judging from the real wearing experience, the Magista II low gang and high gang are two different types of combat boots.
2. The thickened design of the integrated tongue and vamp material gives the Magista II low side a very tight dressing experience, which may not be suitable for players with wide feet and high instep.
3. It has the feeling of CTR360, especially the generation CTR360 III;
4. Although the small dots on the vamp did not meet the original purpose of Nike's design, it is not a necessary choice for Nike to change the vamp, because it is a good area for friction.



Each pair of sneakers has its own personality, and the designer drew up the theme when creating a new product, which is the personality of this shoe.
The Magista series takes control of the whole world as its mission, and also has the characteristics of a versatile sneaker in its own creation.

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